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I was also suckered into a 'free magazines for 2 years' from this joke of a company. After I got double the amount of bills that they said I woud get, I had no choice but to pay it off. I paid off my balance and TWICE, years later, they have tried to send me a...
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In 2005 I basically got suckered in, at work, to sign up for a magazine service that was supposedly suppose to be "free" magazines for 2 years. Instead what I got was 3 years of headaches! You were supposed to pay $20 per month for the "shipping" of...
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jessica m.

What did you do? did they sue? I am in the same boat.


Help I just got suckered in, I haven\'t paid a single cent to them. How do I get this canceled before this makes a huge mess. Any number, e-mail and information would be great...

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