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Wow.... What can I say.

My husband received a call @ his work from a telemarketer with Allied Publishing. He came home talking about all of these free magazines that he would be getting. He said that they would be sending an extensive list from him to choose from. A magazine came that was of no interest.

Then interest. I called the company and told them that the magazines were not for us.I asked them to cancel. She said that she would mail us a list to choose from. It came.

There were not five magazines that we wanted. Called them back once again told them to cancel. They said that I would have to call back and speak to a specific person. I did.

They refused to talk with me and said that they had to talk to my husband. I put him on the phone. No help. They told him that it could not be cancelled.

I am pissed. I told them that it would not be paid and to stop the magazines. They then said that they had my husband on recording agreeing to this. ( he was working at the time) UGHHHHHH.

There is nothing free and that is deception in advertising! And who ever heard of not being able to cancel magazine subscriptions. Get Real! You can cancel with the magazine companies themselves.

Something needs to be done about this kind marketing deception. BUYER BEWARE>>>>You are signing on for an outrageously tight noose on the neck. I really want to hear the recording....

I find it ironic that when ever you need the recording in your defense.... it can't be produced....They said that they have this one.....I would bet that it doesn't have the part about all of the free magazines that you would be receiving.....Sure would like to hear it.

The manager was upset with me because I was yelling @ him......Now he doesn't want to play it for me because I would just hollar at him some more.....Hmmm....DON"T DO IT>>>>JUST SAY NO !!!!

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So were u able to cancel with the actual magazine companies?


these people are crazy. she has been calling here at our place in of employment for a person that no longer works here and she wanted to know where she went i said well she transfered and im not sure where adn she asks for our home office i said im sorry we cant give out that information she started to scream and yell at me..

i was like lady this is over a magazine seriously you need to calm down. and then she started threating me with looking up the number on the internet i said if we take the calls for the home office what would make you think they have those numbers published?? So then she started to yell louder.

Then i got a couple calls from the other stores we have saying she called them to looking for the number and asking about the lady that use to work for her. WOW get a life people


My mom and brother are battling woth these people so what did yall do to finally get rid of them?can they garnish his paycheck?PLEASE HELP.HE changed his c# because of this


My mom and brother are battling woth these people so what did yall do to finally get rid of them?can they garnish his paycheck?PLEASE HELP.HE changed his c# because of this


I can't believe I fell for this BS! I got a call at work with all the other ladies in the office, and they just sign you up just like that!

What a scam. Why is it that there is no phone number or any kind of contact info? They keep calling and before you can say anything they hang up on you. They also have called because they say they have a free gift for you and want to send it to you, yeah right!!


Never consider anything in life FREE, and if its too god to be true, it probably isnt! :(


I am a victim of this place as well..I am currently paying $26 a month for these magazines.I ALSO GOT A CALL "OFFERING" me even more magazines for another $11 a month! IS there a way to get rid of them??

I kind of like the magazines, but if I can't getout of it after the two year minimum, and there si NO 3 years free (dumb me!!) I want out..If I cancel with the magazine company itself, am I still liable to Allied? :cry


I got ripped by this company as well. All I had to pay for was "shipping" which ends up costing me $26 per month.

My problem is, she came to my job and I signed a contract. 3 YEARS!!!!!! Free magazine????

Yeah right!!!! I had dumba@@ written on my forhead that day!!!


I got a call too, hung up on me, super rude. THIS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN!


You wouldn't happen to have the phone number for this company would you? I've recieved many calls at work and they hang up before I can say anything about being taken off a do not call list.

to Whitney Silver Spring, Maryland, United States #693972

716 882 8900


I am not pleased either. I received a call during work, on my cell phone.

I said that I had been on the do not call list. She rudely responded "well, you're in the phonebook" and hung up on me!?

What is this world coming to? :(

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