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In 2005 I basically got suckered in, at work, to sign up for a magazine service that was supposedly suppose to be "free" magazines for 2 years. Instead what I got was 3 years of headaches!

You were supposed to pay $20 per month for the "shipping" of the magazines, which half of them didn't even come. Well I defaulted on my payments, and instead of cutting off the magazines, they put my account in collections. Which the collection company harassed me CONSTANTLY at work with abusive phone calls threatening to sue me for the balence. What a nightmare!!!

I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau! What started as a year of "free" magazines ended up to be a $600 bill!

No magazines that I know of cost anywhere near that at any store you go to!!

Monetary Loss: $650.

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What did you do? did they sue? I am in the same boat.


Help I just got suckered in, I haven't paid a single cent to them. How do I get this canceled before this makes a huge mess. Any number, e-mail and information would be great!


I have had the same problem. They are continuously harassing me at work.

My co-worker got tired of talking to them today and she hung up, the women called back I picked up the phone and said she didn't know who hung up on her and she wanted the supervisor. I told her the supervisor would not be in til next week and she got nasty and said what you work with out a supervisor. Technically when the doctors wife isn't in the office I am the supervisor. She said she was going to send papers to the supervisor to have my wages garnished.

I called my attorney he said not to pay them a dime and if they tried to garnish my wages it is illegal with out a legal determination from the court systems, which would then require going to court which I would have to be notified for.

He also said they are not allowed to harass you at work. I told these people I wanted to cancel and they also told me I could, that all the magazines were paid for and I owe $800 well guess what they can do what they want but they are not getting $800!


lol i cant believe all of you fell for this horse caca! i worked for allied and even being an employee there i can see it was a scam.

not everyone of my questions were answered its a big joke and none of it makes sense. oh and ur really not going into "collections" its the same 9 *** people calling u just changing their names and playing with ya like ya are puppets.

it was all hillarious 2me but i couldnt take it for much longer so i left. lol long live allied hustlers :grin


I just received a phone call from Ryan Williams who works on behalf on Allied publishers. I did verify that though.

I owe 642.42 he willing to settle for 321.00 I want lower though. This guy is pretty nice so far. The magazines a Scam for sure.

I used to get magazines but not for at least 2 yrs. hopefully more peole will research this publishing company and see these posts and learn from our mistakes.


i too was contact at work and fell for the idea of 6 magazines for only $26 a month. i have been getting the magazines that were ordered, but now i am realizing that i could pay less and get the same magazines.

i tried to call and cancel my order and was told that i could not cancel because they have already notified the magazines. i explained that this would be a financial hardship for me but she said there was nothing she could do. i do not want this to go to collections but i really cannot keep paying. i live in the state of california so i do not know if there are any laws to protect me.

if anyone has any advice for me i would greatly appreciate it. in the future i know to just say no!


I am now dealing with these people now I have had the harassing phone calls at work and home. I cancelled this within the 14 days and it was 5 yrs ago so who keeps records that long.

I was laid off from my job shortly after this and was gone for approxiately 5 yrs and then returned to work here this year. That is when the phone calls started. Apparently Michigan has a law that doesn't allow them to go after you after 6 yrs. I never heard from this people for 5 yrs and now they are acting like I owe money to a loan shark.

I never recieved any magazines. I contacted a lawyer and they said to make them prove that I didn't cancel and that I did recieve the magazines. He also said I could report them to the Better Business Bureau. I think I will do that.

The man who talk to me yesterday, was so bad I thought if he would have been in the room with me he would of broke my legs and arms. I said good-bye and hung up at one point and he called back telling me that he would be the one to decide when the conversation was over. A word of warning to any even thinking about dealing with Allied Publishers DON'T they may be o.k.

but the people they hire are unscrupulous people I have ever had the displeasure of talking to. :(


I have had the same problems as everyone above and have lately been receiving phone calls from Steve Phillips at "Legal Services" about a suit being filed against me. Just recently I have contacted each individual magazine company that Allied Publishers signed me up for and cancelled my subscriptions directly through them.

I am now sending all of the cancellation confirmations to Allied Publishers. I am not sure if this will get me anywhere but its the most progress I have made so far.


I'm dealing with them right now, i just ignore their phone calls, let them take me to collections and everything, I never agreed to pay $700+ dollars, if I wanted to pay that much for magazines I would of just bought them at the store or from the publisher themselves. This is a joke, they no longer call me at work but they have sent letters to my employer asking if i still work there. This is ridiculous.


These people are crooks pure and simple. I quit paying after I lost my job and the realized I had paid enough to subscribe to every magazine on earth for the three I didn't want.

I feel like a sucker too but they can kiss off.

I was just threatened by their "collections goon" apparently they are coming for me! lol good luck stay as far away from these people as you can...maybe some letters to the magazines themselves would help


Is there any way out?


Problem with this company is that they cold call from the phone book (which is why you are getting called at work). you can't ask to be taken off their list because they aren't useing a list. They are literally randomly calling businesses all over the country and pitching to the first person to answer the phone. You can't cancel (except within the first 14 days) which is nearly immposible because you don't get ANY INFORMATION from them for at least a week from the phone call.

They trap you in for a number of years, offering a number of magazines at a time for a low flat weekly rate. Issue is they say it's for shipping. but you're paying EVERYWEEK.

The current pitch is 2.98 a week for 60 months and since they claim to have prepaid for you, it is literally a matter of you oweing them money. Not the publishers, but the tellemarketers. that ends up being 767 dollars for the entire term of the service. whether you think that's a 'deal' or not is up to you but I find it ridculus.

I am actually not a victmi of their scam, I am actually a part of it. I am currently an employee of this service but wont be for long after reading all these complaints. It isn't jsut this site but dozens of others.

Carrizozo, New Mexico, United States #73913

i feel so *** that i fell for their *** scam. i was 3 days late on making a payment and when i went to work i had 7 phone calls from them!

so i called them and said not to ever call me at work again. the lady was very nice and said no problem. don't you know the very next day they called work again!

i tried to cancel, of course they said i can't.

i read on another website that in texas, verbal agreements on the phone are not legal. i'm wondering if this is true for pennsylvania???


Wow. I feel foolish now.

They called me at work too. I have received one magazine so far and by the looks of all the other comments, I won't be seeing anymore.

That sucks, I really wanted some of those magazines and thought I was getting a good deal, apparently not. :sigh


I had a person stating that she was a lawyer representing allies publishers to collect a debt from me stating I owed so much money. I said I knew that was untrue.

I mean I know I owe money but NOT THAT MUCH! When I told her I wasn't going to argue with her, she yelled "Pay Your Bill!" and hung up on me! What kind of law office calls you up to collect money, yells at you and hangs up on you! Aside from the fact that I never recieved all these so called "free subscriptions".

I think I have a few phone calls to make myself. Thanks!


After over two years of harrassing phone calls and threats of sueing me, I contacted the Better Business Bureau. Amazingly after the BBB took my case all calls stopped.

They agreed to cancel my case and FINALLY I AM DONE WITH ALLIED!! Thank the lord!!!


Wow all this sounds so familiar they promised me my kinda magazines then could not deliver. 2 of the magazines I get is nothing more than a little newspaper about cats....not even a magazine .

I fight with them every day. They so graciously play me back the tape where I agreed to the contract but no one can play back the part where they promised me the gossip magazines that I like and could not produce one.

They too called me at work and I believe that I will call the attorney generals office as well. Lets get these crooks shut down.


:( I'm going through the same stuff right now. When I told Steve Philips I was going to be filing for bankruptcy and he could deal with it then, he hung up on me.

These people are rude and it's a rip off! I tried to cancel and I couldn't.

They suckered me, call me constantly at work. It's horrible!


I have been going through the same thing. After calling them time after time and dealing with all the b***s***, Finally I found this.

They threatened to sue me for the money and told me that it would be on my credit report and that I would have to file for bankruptcy to get it off. Fortunately, I never gave in.


These people are UNBELIEVEABLE! I signed up for this bunch of b.s and my business was slow for awhile, so I was unable to pay for a couple months.

No big deal. The problem is that they called constantly, harassing me at my job telling me that if they dont have their money, they will send me to small claims court. I had set up an arrangement with a Mr. Shields, a company rep.

I explained to him that I will pay what I owe, HOWEVER, in trade, I would like to terminate my contract with Allied, pay what I own, and it will be over. He said no problem, we can do that. I paid up my debts of what HE said I owed. Now, I get a phone call from a lady today, saying that I would send a check of 100 dollars to their company, WHICH I NEVER SAID AT ALL!!!

I told her the agreement that I had made with Mr. Shields and she told me that what he said was b.s. and Allied doesnt do business like that. I dont know why he told you that and all this nonsense.

So, we got Mr. Shields on the phone and he said, oh well, my "supervisor" disapproved the deal between you and I, and we have to go through the account as agreed. Funny, he never mentioned to me about this decision that his supervisor said they wouldnt approve. These people are ***-backwards.

They are crooks, rude, and liars. Im am sooooo pissed off at these people, Im glad Im not the only one who feels this way.

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