I was also suckered into a 'free magazines for 2 years' from this joke of a company. After I got double the amount of bills that they said I woud get, I had no choice but to pay it off. I paid off my balance and TWICE, years later, they have tried to send me a bill for a 'remainder' of what I owed. It was incorrect as I had proof that I paid in full. After I told them I paid in full and threatened to get my attorney involved, they said they had made a mistake and accidentally sent a bill to me. So another year and a half later, I received the same thing claiming I still owed them. I once again had th threated to get my attorney involved and they said it was their mistake again. Both times I asked for something in writing from them, they siad they wouldl send it, and nothing came.

I am also submitting a complaint to the BBB. Who knows how much money these people have gotten out of people who don't know better or who are esily intimidated.

Stay away from Allied Publishers! They are crooks and liars and try to get more money from you. They definitely belong in the hall of shame for sure!

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